Small Business Saturday Recap

Well, we weren't able to have our Small Business Saturday pop-up on Small Business Saturday like we had planned due to weather, so we ended up rescheduling to the next Saturday, December 5th. Regardless, it was an absolute blast! Loved seeing everyone! It was so good to be able to get back out into the community + hangout with you guys- even if it was just for a little bit + even though it wasn't in our shop. Man, we sure can't wait to get back in there, so we are able to see you guys on the reg! But, we are super thankful to have opportunities, such as pop-ups, to be able to reconnect with you guys! 

It was really cool to get back to our roots- roots meaning pop-ups because that's sort of where it all started. That's really how we started connecting with you guys + building this incredible Mill + Gray community-sisterhood we've got going on, so pop-ups really have such a special place in our hearts. It's allowed us to grow as a business + as a community in our relationships with you (our customers), as well as with fellow small businesses which is a literal dream come true. It has always been our goal + mission to build a community with you guys as well as with other small businesses. Without pop-ups, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet some of you or meet other small business owners. It honestly has really helped to shape this business + this community that we are so blessed to have! With all that being said, thank you so much to every single person that supports us in any way. It truly means so much! Thank you! 

The day started out sunny, then it ended up becoming pretty gloomy. But, that didn't stop us from having a good ole time with y'all! We're so glad + thankful that Molded Dreams popped up with us and kept us company- along with you guys. We were so excited to see some familiar faces and also some new ones! Thanks again to everyone that stopped by! Sure hope to see ya at the next one!

This pop-up was also the first time we were able to do our Choc + Shop where you can enjoy hot chocolate while you shop with us! So much fun especially during this time of year! We will be hosting our Choc + Shop every Saturday in the month of December from 1pm-5pm in the parking lot of our shop. So, come hangout with us + sip on some hot choc while you shop! It really brings joy to us to be able to do this for you guys + we sure hope it brings joy to you as well. So excited to be doing this every Saturday this month! Come see us this Saturday + get ya a cup of hot choc! Can't wait!



The Mill + Gray Team