Shop Small this Holiday Season + Always: WEEK 2

It's that time of the week again- Shop Small Saturday! If you haven't heard, we will be sharing five small businesses every Saturday until Christmas in an effort to help you guys shop small businesses this holiday season (and always). Small businesses everywhere are having a hard time staying afloat this year due to everything that's been happening around the world. Our hope is that you guys will spend with intention this year by choosing to shop small. Let's get started!

Clayology offers hand crafted clay earrings- each pair really is so beautiful + unique. We can say the same about Cristi Lee, the owner + creator of this awesome artisan jewelry! Her earrings truly are a reflection of her personality- bold + unique. And, if you know Cristi, it's obvious that her earrings are as vibrant as she is! You really can't go wrong gifting this handmade jewelry this holiday season or for any occasion for that matter. We're loving the play on color + texture in the earrings posted above. With Clayology, you can almost always expect a super fun color palette + mix of textures, which is always a good idea. And, we're really loving these at the moment! Head to Clayology now to check out all of their awesome jewelry or stop by The Parlor House in downtown Lake Charles to see them in person!

Danielle Nester Faulk Original Artwork. Art is always great for gifting something super personal + original. And, Danielle, with DNF Art, provides just that in every piece she creates. We absolutely love her work and we know that you will too! Not only does she create awesome original artwork, but she also offers custom artwork upon request! That's right, if you're wanting to gift something to yourself or someone else that's super original + unique + one-of-a-kind, Danielle can make it happen! We really can't think of a more meaningful way to gift someone than with an original, custom piece of artwork. Head over to Danielle's website now to check out all of her amazing work + start your own custom piece of art now! P.S. How awesome is this piece?! It's perfect for anyone that loves LSU Football! We are also loving the Marshland Mini (all of them!) and the April's Flowers (which is on sale!)- just to name a few. 

Mimosa Boutique is a women's apparel boutique that offers styles that are sure to be on trend! Owner, Lauren Monroe, has really outdone herself with the look + feel of her store- with such chic style and such a friendly atmosphere, you will not be disappointed shopping for yourself or others when shopping with Mimosa. Right now, we're really loving the Alana Wide Leg Oberlin Jeans and the Padded Shoulder T-Shirt! We could keep adding to the list, but just know that they've got all the cute stuff for all those special ladies in your life (yourself included), so be sure to head to their shop or check out their site now!

Expressions is like the ultimate gift shop in the area- in our opinion. They offer a huge variety of gift options, such as seasonal items, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and so much more! Seriously, the amount of gift options they offer is insane! They even offer free gift wrapping! How awesome is that?! Not to mention, we are so excited to have them as one of our neighbors! That's right, Expressions is now located in the same shopping center that our shop is located in at 3100 Ryan Street. So be sure to check them out- there's just so much to choose from- you really can't go wrong with shopping Expressions. Head to their site or their shop now to see for yourself!

Olive and Indigo is a gem. Such a well curated shop + business. Love what the owners are doing. They offer handcrafted goods and even handcraft their own jewelry which they also offer. And, let's just say their jewelry is awesome- super simple, yet sophisticated + stylish. We're absolutely loving the Her Tee, the Pearl Earrings, the Diamond Studs, and the Arch Studs. And, really so much more, but we'll just stop there for now. We love their jewelry, their aesthetic, their goods, and we know you will too- simple as that. We know you won't regret shopping with Olive and Indigo because their products are made + chosen with such intention. So, head over to their site now or stop by their shop in downtown Lake Charles to see them in person!


Thanks so much for stopping by our blog + learning more about these small businesses. We really appreciate it so much. As we all know, it's been a tough year for all of us, especially with the recent hurricane season. It's been hard on all of the small businesses in the area, and your support means the world to us. When you shop small, you are supporting a dream! And, we want to thank you so much for that! Thanks so much again and again for everything, and we hope to see you again next Saturday when we share next week's small business features. Have a great weekend!