ChuckFest 2022 Recap

After 2-3 years, ChuckFest has returned and we couldn't be more stoked! We loved this event so much the last time we did it that we had to do it again! We actually didn't think we'd be able to do it this year because when we went to sign up for it, all vendor spots had already been filled prior to the deadline. Thankfully though, a spot became available at the last minute (literally the evening before ChuckFest) and we got us a spot! All glory to God! The event this year was such a blast! Super tiring, but so much fun! It was a beautiful day full of sunshine, but we will say the wind was kickin'! So much so that wind even took out like 3 tents right next to ours, we were holding on tight to our tent to keep that from happening to us lol. So thankful it didn't take our tent out too. But, none the less, it was a beautiful day full of sunshine, live music, awesome vendors from near and far, and our awesome customers. Loved meeting so many new people. We always love doing pop-ups and connecting with new customers (and old ones) as well as other small business owners. Getting out into the community and having a little fun is always a good time and we are just so so thankful to have been a part of ChuckFest this year as they made their comeback! We even ended up across from our close friends from The Nature's Clay.

Looking forward to the next one! It's crazy to think that the last time we did this event, we were an online only store. Our storefront didn't exist yet. Wild. And, if you've been around since then and have been supporting us along the way, thank you so much! We are so thankful for you and for you growing with us! So cool to see the progress. Couldn't do it without you and definitely couldn't do it without God!